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Personal injury lawyer Jim Fleenor also handles other types of cases including consumer fraud and black lung disease claims.

Consumer Fraud Attorney

Some businesses don’t deal fairly and honestly with customers.  If you have been a victim of dishonest business practices, Fleenor Law can help. 


Consumer fraud attorney Jim Fleenor has represented thousands of individuals and class members who were harmed by deceptive business practices. 


If you make a claim against a large business for fraud, you can expect the business to use a team of lawyers to defend against your claim.  That is why you want an experienced consumer fraud lawyer on your side who will stand up for your rights.

Where Does Consumer Fraud Occur?

Fraud can occur in any transaction between you and a business.  If you rely on representations from a business that are not true, or if a business fails to disclose important facts to you, you may have a consumer fraud claim. 


We have represented clients with claims against various types of businesses, including insurance companies, mortgage companies, banks, annuity companies, and car dealers.


Black Lung Disease Claims

All too often, hardworking coal miners are left with breathing impairments after years of service to coal mining companies. 


If you are a former coal miner who now has difficulty breathing, you may have a black lung disease claim for benefits under a federal statute. Fleenor Law has successfully represented many former coal miners in getting lifelong benefits under the Black Lung Benefits Act.

You want a lawyer who will fight for your benefits and knows how to give you the best chance of getting your claim approved. Let us help you get the benefits you need and deserve. There will be no charge to you unless and until your claim is approved. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

Proving My Black Lung Disease Claim

Black lung claims are controlled by federal statutes and regulations. The statutes and regulations require a claimant to prove his or her entitlement to benefits through evidence that conforms with the regulations.  In most cases, proving a claim requires a claimant to submit medical records, including physician opinions and objective test results, at an initial claim level and then at a hearing level before an administrative law judge.

Jim Fleenor has years of experience handling black lung claims.  He has assisted miners in filing initial claims, obtaining evidence from doctors and other sources, presenting evidence to administrative law judges at hearings and through briefs, and defending appeals filed by coal mine companies.  He can help you navigate the claims process, enhancing your chances of success.

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