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What are the most common car accident injuries?

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

The damages and injuries experienced in car accidents are not always immediately evident. Perhaps like the fellow at the body shop has told you, “It could cost more once we get into it.” The same is true for bodily injury. So, what are the most common car accident injuries?

Broken bones, scrapes, and bruising are readily apparent following an accident.

They are easy to diagnose, though sometimes a fracture can be hard to decipher when the affected area is swollen. Regardless, once diagnosed, they can generally be repaired, whether it is a simple cast, bandaging, or surgery. Nevertheless, the pain and suffering experienced by them is real and shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Can car accident injuries show up later?

Sometimes the damage is less obvious. Take for example the young man involved in a relatively minor accident. He was seen in the emergency room and released. He was a little sore, but that was it. He got married not long thereafter. When he was on his honeymoon, he became violently ill. They thought it was food poisoning, but nausea and vomiting didn’t let up. They cut the honeymoon short, and he came home. His doctor ordered an MRI, and it turned out that he had a hematoma – an accumulation of blood – around his spleen. He had an increased risk of a ruptured spleen if he were to sustain another blow to his midsection. Fortunately, it was treatable. Unfortunately, he had already signed a release against the insurance company. There are two lessons there, aren’t there?

Can car accidents cause herniated discs, fibromyalgia, or scoliosis?

The soreness sometimes goes away. Sometimes it is a sign of further trouble. Soft tissue injuries are real, and they are quite painful. Some pre-existing conditions can be made worse by an accident. The law says the responsible party is liable for making an existing condition worse. These may show up later as herniated discs, fibromyalgia, scoliosis, and stress fractures. All these injuries involve treatment along with pain and suffering, as well.

Can car accidents cause PTSD or trauma?

Sometimes the injuries manifest themselves in even more troublesome and indirect ways. The traumatic experience of a serious car accident can lead to PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), anxiety, and depression, especially when serious injuries are a result. Other head injuries include vertigo, migraines, seizures, and memory loss. Sometimes these mental health and head injuries are treatable and sometimes they linger. But they are real. And they can be the result of a traumatic experience such as a car accident.

At Fleenor Law, car accident attorney Jim Fleenor understands and looks for all the different ways that a car accident can affect his clients. We fight hard to see that insurance companies and corporate defendants pay. We believe in our clients and their desire to feel better. And we do all that we can to help them. Contact us today.


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