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What makes you a different personal injury lawyer?

Updated: May 12, 2022

How do you handle personal injury cases? What makes you different as a personal injury lawyer? Potential clients want to know the answers to these two questions, whether they actually ask them or not. My answers to both are simple: True access and proven results. What do I mean?

The legal marketplace has changed significantly since I started practicing over 25 years ago. But the way that I handle cases has not. I take only those cases which allow me to maintain these two goals – true access and proven results.

With many large law firms, there is no such thing as true access when it comes to actually talking to your personal injury lawyer. My clients have true access to me 24/7, and I don’t mean for 24 minutes every 7 weeks. I understand that my clients are trusting me with something very important to them and that they have questions at times other than between the hours of 9 am and 5 pm. I value the trust that my personal injury clients bestow upon me and take it very seriously. And I seek to honor it in everything I do, including being available to talk through anything related to their case. My personal injury clients have hired me to represent them. And they get my full attention.

Needless to say, when I take a case, it’s a case that I will personally handle. Many personal injury lawyers will take a case only to refer it to someone else. When my clients choose me, they get me. I don’t take cases that I don’t want or that I am not capable of handling myself. Many personal injury attorneys do. There is not anything wrong with referring cases to lawyers more capable or more experienced, it’s just not the type of practice that I have and it’s not what I do.

Many personal injury lawyers make promises to their clients that they cannot keep. I have a successful track record. My many years of experience handling personal injury cases are proven results. I tap into that knowledge and experience to give my clients a fair and accurate assessment of the value of their case. I want their goals for their case to be informed and well-reasoned, and I work with them to make sure that they understand what to expect. While I cannot predict the future, I’m not shooting in the dark either. I don’t tell my potential personal injury clients what they want to hear in order to secure as many cases as possible. Instead, I am honest with my clients so that the results come as no surprise to them. They are proven.

My goal is not getting the most cases in the door but satisfying the clients that I do have. If I take your case, it’s because I believe that I can give you true access and proven results as your personal injury attorney. If that is what you want from your personal injury lawyer, let’s talk about your case.


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