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Workplace Accidents

You may be familiar with workers’ compensation and the benefits available if you suffer an on-the-job injury; however, there is additional compensation available if you are injured in a workplace accident.

Work Injury Lawyer

Workers’ compensation provides for diagnosis and treatment of on-the-job injuries as well as lost wages on a temporary basis and any reduced earning capacity on a permanent basis. This is all that can be provided to injured workers through workers’ compensation. However, in addition to your employer, others are sometimes liable for an on-the-job injury for which you can seek compensation or damages.


Workers’ compensation is a great option for many injured workers; however, it is rarely enough to cover the true cost to individuals for on-the-job injuries. Thankfully, there may be other types of compensation. Don’t leave well enough alone. Contact experienced work injury lawyer Jim Fleenor for more information or help with an on-the-job injury.

Workplace Accidents & Defective Equipment

If a workplace injury is the result of a defective product, then the worker may have the right to pursue those claims in addition to any workers' compensation benefits.


Defective product claims could be the result of something that was defective in its design or in its manufacture. It could be a product that has inherent dangers requiring sufficient warnings to the end user. A failure to adequately warn of such dangers can be a viable claim. These claims are not limited to defective goods, such as equipment. They may also arise due to byproducts created or emitted with proper functioning equipment, such as harmful vapor, dust, or smoke.

Workplace Accidents & Dangerous Conditions

Workplace injuries may be caused by defective or dangerous conditions on property which is not owned or controlled by the employer.

These conditions could give rise to a cause of action by a worker injured as a result.  Again, the injuries or damages could be caused by a sudden event or could be the result of more long-time exposure.


Workplace Accidents & Toxic Chemical Exposure

Workplace injuries may also be the result of exposure to toxic chemicals. These could be man-made or naturally occurring.

The exposure could be caused by a manufacturing process or simply due to the location of the facilities. They could be harmful to the touch, skin, eyes, or lungs. They may cause damage with long-term exposure or even with a brief one. The damage or injury may be immediate or may not manifest itself for some period. They could be damaging to the circulatory system, specific internal organs, or even to brain function. New toxins are frequently identified as research reveals causes of maladies which had heretofore been considered unavoidable.

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