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Personal Injury

Personal injury lawyer Jim Fleenor has represented personal injury clients in West Alabama for over 25 years and has obtained over $100 million in recoveries for victims of personal injury, car and truck accidents, workplace accidents, wrongful death, consumer fraud, and black lung disease.

Personal Injury Lawyer

If you have been injured or lost a loved one because of an accident, you should be compensated for the negative impacts it has on your life. Insurance companies will often offer settlements to cover only the costs of medical treatment. At Fleenor Law, personal injury lawyer Jim Fleenor knows that isn’t full compensation.

Contact us today for a free consultation regarding your potential personal injury lawsuit or personal injury claim. You pay us nothing unless and until you recover.

What types of claims are personal injury claims?

Personal injury claims can result from many different types of conduct, acts, or omissions, but most result from negligence of some type.


What is negligence? Negligence is when someone has a duty to do or refrain from doing something and they don’t, which results in damages to someone else, in this case, personal injuries.


These types of claims can result in many different situations, such as:

  • Car accidents

  • Truck wrecks

  • Commercial vehicles

  • 18-wheeler accidents

  • Four-wheelers

  • RVs

  • Off-road vehicles

  • Defective products

  • Slip and fall

  • Dangerous conditions

  • Workplace injuries

  • Electrocutions

  • Chemical exposure

  • Toxic torts

  • Environmental hazards


What is a personal injury case?

Personal injury cases are those types of claims that result in personal injury to an individual. While there may be associated property damage claims (like to a vehicle), it is the personal injury that is the focus. Personal injuries can include:

  • Broken bones

  • Torn muscles

  • Torn ligaments

  • Burns

  • Internal injuries

  • Scrapes and bruises

  • Road rash

  • Contusions

  • Hematomas

  • Nerve damage

  • Pain and suffering

  • Mental anguish

  • Muscle strains

  • Hyperextensions

  • Ruptured discs

  • Collapsed lungs

  • Scarring

  • Loss of companionship

  • Sexual dysfunction

Why hire a personal injury lawyer? What do personal injury lawyers do that I can’t do?

A personal injury lawyer can help in many ways. Personal injury lawyers can investigate the cause of the accident or incident which led to the personal injury and determine who may have some responsibility and liability for the damage done.


Often there are parties at fault that may not be immediately known or readily identifiable. Personal injury attorneys regularly use expert witnesses to help establish who is at fault and why. Personal injury lawyers can also make sure that all potential injuries are properly diagnosed, identified, and addressed. 


A personal injury lawyer can put together the best case of liability and damages to maximize the recovery by the injured party. Experienced personal injury lawyers regularly deal with insurance adjusters and know how best to handle personal injury claims.


What damages are available in a personal injury case?

The damages available in a personal injury case fall into two major categories: compensatory and punitive.

Punitive damages are not available in every personal injury case but are available in those where the conduct is so severe that the law allows the wrongdoer to be punished to dissuade similar conduct in the future.


Compensatory damages seek to compensate the victim for damages sustained and may include:

  • Lost wages

  • Medical treatment

  • Surgery

  • Physical therapy

  • Medication

  • Home health care

  • Doctor visits

  • Diagnostic tests

  • Insurance claims

  • X-rays

  • MRIs

  • CAT scans

  • Therapy

  • Mental anguish

  • Pain and suffering

How long does it take to get a personal injury settlement?

How long it takes to get a personal injury settlement depends on many factors.


First, the extent of injuries must be determined.

Some injuries may not immediately manifest themselves. If a settlement is entered too quickly, there will likely be no compensation for injuries that are later discovered.


Second, identification of all potentially responsible parties is also very important.

Everyone who contributed to the injuries should be identified as soon as possible. The sooner a personal injury lawyer is engaged, the sooner the settlement can be obtained.

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